Thursday, 10 November 2011

New EU Strategy for SME internationalisation

The EC issued a new communication on the internationalisation of SMEs yesterday, 9 November 2011 in which it laid down a new strategy to pave the way for SMEs to expand their business outside the EU. Among the activities are:

1. Strengthening and mapping the existing supply of support services
2. Creating a single virtual gateway to information for SMEs
3. Making support schemes at EU level more consistent
4. Promoting clusters and networks for SME internationalisation
5. Rationalising new activities in priority markets
6. Leveraging existing EU external policies

More on SME internationalisation

Communication text

P.S. I made it a habit to look for the word "language" in strategy papers that deal with internationalisation, globalisation, mobility and the like. In this Communication, it appears once: as the promise to translate the pilot portal of Enterprise Europe Network into all EU languages.